Kath Hunter Dowse

Archaeobotanist and Environmental Archaeologist

With over 30 years of archaeological experience, Kath has worked on many commercial evaluations and excavations as well as research projects in the UK and Italy. Available to undertake rapid assessments to full analysis on a range of plant macrofossils.

Qualifications & Experience



  • BA (hons) Archaeology and Environmental Studies

  • eDCC NIAT: Intermediate Spread sheet (Excel), eDCC NIAT:  Advanced database (Access)

  • Certificate of Natural History Illustration


  • Analysis of plant macrofossils from paleo-environmental and archaeological deposits.
  • Specialist report production -rapid assessment to publication using dragon professional, Excel and Word
  • Archaeobotanical and natural history illustration


  • Archaeobotanist (Freelance)

Previous Positions:

  • Environmental Science Manager
  • Project Officer (Archaeobotany) Oxford Archaeology South

Examples of Botanical Illustrations


Publications include:

Hunter Dowse Kathryn and Nicholson Rebecca (2020) Plant Remains in Fairman Amelia, Teague Steven, Butler Jonathan. Bridging the Past: Life in Medieval and Post-Medieval Southwark: Excavations along the route of Thameslink Borough Viaduct and at London Bridge Station Thameslink Monograph Series No. 2

Carruthers, W and Hunter Dowse, K (2019) ‘A Review of Archaeological Plant Remains from the Midland Counties’ Heritage England Regional Review. Report number: 47/2019

Hunter Dowse Kath (2019) Plant Remains in Woolhouse Tom Investigation of a Late Saxon Estate Centre in Barley, Hertfordshire. Medieval Settlement Research 34 (2019), 34-59

Hunter Kath and Nicholson Rebecca (2019) Plant remains in Ridgeway Victoria, Taylor Joanna and Biddulph Edward. A bath house, settlement and industry on Roman Southwark’s  North Island: excavations along the route of Thameslink Borough Viaduct and at London Bridge Station Thameslink Monograph Series No. 1

Hunter Kathryn and Nicholson Rebecca (2017) Waterlogged plant Remains in Champness C, Donnelly M, Ford B, Haggart A. Life at the floodplain edge: Terminal Upper Palaeolithic and Mesolithic flint scatters and early prehistoric archaeology along the Beam River Valley, Dagenham. The Essex Society Archaeology & History. Vol 6.2015

Hunter, Kath (2016) Plant macrofossils (including photographs) in Allen T, Brady K, Foreman S. A Roman villa and other Iron Age and Roman discoveries. Oxford Archaeology Monograph No. 18

Pelling, R., Campbell G., Carruthers, J, Hunter, K. and Marshall, P. (2015) Exploring contamination (intrusion and residuality) in the archaeobotanical record: case studies from central and southern England in Vegetation History and Archaeobotany 24(1):85-99 January 2015

Hunter Kath (2015) Plant macrofossils in Digging at the Gateway Archaeologival landscapes of south Thanet. The Archaeology of East Kent Access Phase II. Volume 2 The find, Environmental and Dating Reports. Oxford Wessex Archaeology. Monograph No. 8

Hunter, Kath (2012) Plant macrofossils (including illustrations) in Biddulph E, Foreman S, Stafford E, Stansbie D, Nicholson R. London Gateway. Iron Age and Roman salt making in the Thames Estuary. Oxford Archaeology Monograph No. 18

Hunter Kath. L (2005) Charred Plant Remains, in The origins of Mid-Saxon Southampton: excavations at the Friends Provident St Mary’s Stadium 1998-2000. Wessex Archaeology

Hunter K. L (2004) The plant remains, in Leary, J. et al Tatberht’s Lundenwic. Archaeological excavations in Middle Saxon London. PCA Monog 2. 35 –38

Britnell, W.J., Silvester, R.J., Gibson, A.M., Caseldine, A.E., Hunter, K.L., Johnson, S., Hamilton-Dyer, S., Vince, A (1997) A Middle Bronze Age Round House at Glanfeinion, near Landinam, Powys. Proceedings of the Prehistoric Society 63, 1997. pp 178-197

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